What to Wear Styling Guide

I know a lot of stress comes along with preparing you and your family for your upcoming photography session. It can be nerve wrecking sometimes. But I am here to offer some of my favorite styling tips to help make the process a little easier for you all :) 

Here you will find some tips on what to avoid for your outfits and some of my favorite color palettes, as well as sample wardrobes below.

Try to stay away from fluorescent and neon colors. Hot pink, neon orange, and fluorescent green (to name a few) tend to leave unflattering color casts on you and your family during your session. Try to stick to shades of primary colors. Mustard, burgundy/maroon, and navy blue are my always my favorites. 

Try to keep patterns to a minimum and avoid any outfits with large logos on them. 

I want you and your family to be comfortable during your session. So please chose an outfit that you feel good in. If your uncomfortable, it will show throughout your photographs.

It's always best to go with colors that compliment each other. You don't want everyone to be "too matchy". Wearing the same exact dark jeans and white t-shirt is a look that is waaaaaaaaay over done. Coordinating colors is the way to go :) 

Always remember that these photographs will help document this moment for years to come. I want to help capture you and your family and the amazing love that you all have to offer.  

Enjoy and have fun :)