Happy FIRST Birthday Paxton! | Cake Smash Session | Jenna Marie Photography

    Oh sweet baby Paxton :)

He definitely kept everyone busy by chasing him around for his session! He was just too curious with the set up and he just wanted to play (can you blame him??) and of course when it came time for the cake.... that poor cake didn't stand a chance! Paxton's older brothers were hoping to have some extra cake to take home for themselves but as you can see there was nothing left!

We celebrated his birthday portraits with a fun and exciting "ONEderland" theme that his super creative mommy chose! And how adorable is the cake that she made for him? By the looks of it, Paxton sure did enjoy it :) I am so happy I was able to capture these for Paxton and his wonderful family, thank you so much for letting me a part of it all!

Happy Birthday Paxton!